Performance Opportunites

Semi-Annual Recitals

woman as classic dancer looking at stalls before balletMid American Studio offers students the opportunity to participate in two recitals each year; once in December and another in May. Students are not required to perform but are strongly encouraged for their own benefit. Participating in the recital builds self-confidence, character, and team communication skills (with peers and adults). Besides the experience being fun and inspiring, observing the other dancers at the recital will also deepen your child’s understanding and appreciation of the art.

All students enrolled in weekly classes are invited to perform in the recitals. In order to perform, students are required to purchase a costume for each class they will perform with and participate in the dress rehearsal prior to the show. Mid American Studio takes pride in selecting budget-friendly costumes to make the recital more accessible for all of our studio families. An information packet detailing all costs and time commitments is provided at the start of classes to help you make your decision. Students who opt out of the recital will still participate in every aspect of class and will learn the routine with their classmates.

This year’s recital dates are:

Fall Classes: September-December. 

Winter Classes: January-May.