Class Descriptions

Choreographed dance by a group of graceful pretty young ballerinas

Click to read Dance & Pom Class Descriptions of each of the dance class styles offered at Mid American Studio. See when classes are offered on our page: Class Schedule and Pricing.

BalletBallet is the foundation of many dance forms and is known for its light and graceful movements. Ballet training places a huge emphasis on body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength, technique, and especially performance. Ballet students will become familiar with proper technique, body placement, and ballet vocabulary through a full barre, center exercises, and then progress through increasingly complex traveling combinations. In their final routine, students will be challenged to find the balance between controlled, technically-sound movements and artistic, musical expression.

Pre-Ballet and Rythm One of our most popular classes and a great place to begin dance! Students 3-5 years old will learn physical and social skills to start their dance experience on the right foot. Limited to only 12 students per class, Pre-Ballet and Rhythm students will participate in group activities designed to foster social interaction and teach classroom etiquette. In addition to practicing essential movement skills such as balance, coordination and body awareness, we’ll start learning beginning ballet vocabulary and steps and explore music and rhythm. Our energetic and warm teachers use recognizable music, props, sing-along songs and creative activities to keep students engaged and excited about learning. Students will build on a ballet routine each week to be performed at the end of class—or on stage at one of our recitals! Parents are welcome to watch class from the lobby on one of our flat screen monitors.

Jazz classOne of the most common forms of dance, used frequently in musical theater and commercial/entertainment industries. Movements can be smooth or sharp, so jazz dancers must be versatile and have absolute control over their bodies in order to project the exact style and attitude desired for the choreography. Confidence, energy and personality are key! Students will increase strength, flexibility, endurance and technical ability through center and traveling exercises. Students will develop a keen sense of musicality and rhythm through performance of extended movement sequences and a complete class routine.

Lyrical danceLyrical and Contemporary dance styles are rooted in ballet technique and focus on creative expression through physical movement. Ballet technique is practiced each week to improve dancers’ flexibility, balance, strength and technical ability. The teacher will guide students through exercises designed to explore the use of energy, body language, and facial expression to tell a story through shape and emotive movements. Showmanship, musicality and performance skills are essential for all lyrical and contemporary dancers. Students will learn a complete routine throughout the session and perform it at our semi-annual recitals.

Hip Hop DanceA blend of today’s high-energy street dance styles with choreographed precise dance moves, typically performed to upbeat, popular music. Hip hop originated from dancers with a natural tendency towards movement and a desire for personal expression. Hip hop dance is suitable for students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Students are drawn to hip hop dance because of its wide variety of full-body movements and the ability to add personal flair and style to all moves and routines. Students will be encouraged to express themselves through freestyle and will learn a complete hip hop dance routine throughout the session.

Tap classTap students are not just dancers but musicians, too! Tap dance uses metal plates on the bottom of the shoes to create intricate rhythms with the feet. The upper body is coordinated to accentuate these movements and create a full visual and musical experience for the audience. Students will learn tap terminology and foundational steps through barre, center and traveling exercises. Students will enjoy a variety of music from pop hits to classic jazz in order to broaden their musical experience and hone their timing, rhythm, and musicality. Students will learn a complete tap routine throughout the session.

Pompon ClassPompon is known for its precise movements, impressive kick lines and intricate group formations. Students in this class will learn proper pompon vocabulary and foundational skills such as splits, kicks and a variety of jumps. Over the course of the session, students will combine formation changes, arm movements, and effective use of poms in one crowd-pleasing routine! Often confused with cheerleading; pompon is set to music and does not involve vocal cheering. Many moves are similar, but pompon does not include mounts, gymnastics or tumbling. Private lessons are also available for students needing more individual attention.

Acro Dance classAcroDance is the beautiful fusion of classical dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context. Acro classes include balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength. Mid American Studio is a certified Acrobatic Arts studio.

Tots & TutusTots and Tutus introduces our youngest students (1.5-3 years) to the world of dance with the security of a parent or caregiver participating along with them. Students and adults will be lead through an ever-changing progressive syllabus of age appropriate skills with props and songs about Body Parts, Animals, Colors, Numbers, and Seasons that keep the students interested and growing. The objectives of these classes are to help dancers understand what it means to be part of a class, practice listening skills and encourage following directions. Adult and child pairs will have fun learning new combinations and all the while, instilling a love for ballet.

Adult dance classNow offering Adult Dance Classes to bring you back to your favorite childhood hobby or start a brand new journey that combines a love of movement, music, and rhythm. Mid American Studio is the premier destination for Adult Jazz and Tap classes in Farmington Hills. Our experienced instructors are passionate about dance and dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced dancer. Dance is a fantastic way to stay active and fit while having a blast. It’s an excellent cardiovascular workout that also improves flexibility, balance, and coordination. Join our welcoming dance community and share in their passion for movement, fun, and art! Call to join anytime!