Dance attire including ballet shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes, leotards, tights, jazz pants, poms, hip hop shoes, dance shorts to be worn in classes.

Dress Code

What do students wear? In order to facilitate a safe and effective learning experience for our students, Mid American Studio has established the following Dress Code for all classes. All students are required to follow the Dress Code in order to participate. Many Dress Code items (including shoes, tights and jazz pants) are affordably priced for purchase at our in-studio Spirit Shoppe.

Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, bun, braid, etc. No hair should be left down out of the hair tie.


Girls: Leotard is required (any color/style). Students may also wear leggings, tights, a ballet skirt and/or dance shorts (shorts must be completely form fitting). Form-fitting tops and legwarmers are acceptable cover-ups during colder months.

Boys: Form fitting t-shirt or tank top and exercise pants or shorts.

Required shoes

  • Ballet and Pre-Ballet: Ballet shoes. For the recital, pink ballet shoes for girls and black ballet shoes for boys are required. Students may wear any color ballet shoe to class.
  • Jazz and Lyrical: Girls: Black or Tan jazz boots. Boys: Black jazz boots.
  • Tap: Black or Tan tap shoes.

All shoes are available for purchase at the Mid American Studio Spirit Shoppe. Please see front desk for assistance with shoe purchases!

Not acceptable

Jeans, baggy clothing, street/school clothing, gym or street shoes.


Exercise clothing such as shorts, leggings, dance/yoga pants, and tee shirt or tank top. Students should be able to move freely in clothing.

Required shoes

  • Hip Hop and Pom: Black Dance Sneakers or jazz boots ONLY. No Tennis Shoes. All-black sneakers are required for the recital, but students may wear any color to class.

Not acceptable

Jeans, baggy clothing, street/school clothing


Leotard is required (any color/style). Students may also wear tights and/or dance shorts (must be completely form fitting.) Fitted tops are acceptable cover-ups during colder months.

Not acceptable

Jeans, baggy clothing, street shoes, or school clothing


Please see Elite Dance Company Page for more details about required classes, performances, and more.


Please call or visit the studio as soon as possible to notify us of your cancellation. Our policy varies based on session and service type:

  • Summer session: All refunds are subject to a $25 return processing fee. In addition to the return fee, refunds will be prorated as follows:

Notice given more than 48hrs prior to 1st class = full refund minus $25 return fee.
Less than 48hrs prior through 1st class = partial refund, minus $25 return fee.
After the 1st class meeting, all payments are non-refundable.
Transfers to other classes must be made in the first week of class and depend on availability.

Cancellations made up to the Thursday prior to camp start=full refund. No other refunds.

  • Fall and Winter session classes: All refunds are subject to a $25 return processing fee. In addition to the return fee, refunds will be prorated as follows:
    • Cancellation notice given more than 48 hours prior to 1st class=full refund, minus $25 return fee.
    • Notice given less than 48 hours prior through the 2nd class=partial refund, minus $25 return fee.
    • Starting with the 3rd class meeting, all payments are non-refundable.
  • Private/Group Lessons: Cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance are free of charge. Late cancels made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full cost of the appointment. There are no refunds on private and/or small group training purchases. To avoid unused package visits, we recommend pre-paying for only as many lessons as you can immediately schedule.

Mid American Studio is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Please visit our Contact Us page for the studio location and hours.

YES — please visit our Performance Opportunities page for more information.

Our classes are open to everyone; from the beginner to the individual with years of experience. Classes are divided according to age/experience level. We currently offer classes for students as young as 1.5 years old and all the way up through high school! If a student would like to try an older age group based on their experience and skills, this can be discussed with the program director. Please visit our Class Schedule and Pricing page to view our current class schedule!

Over 25 adult classes are offered throughout the week in Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Sculpt and Tone, and much more. Many classes are offered simultaneously with our youth program, making it convenient for parents to exercise while their child is in class. Discounts are offered for parents with children enrolled in our dance/pom classes. Please visit www.midamericanfit.com for more information.

YES — boys are invited to participate in any class that we offer.

YES — we do rent out our studio space on an hourly basis depending on the availability of the studio (s). Please visit our Rental page for more information.

You will want to create an account for your child. The class roster and other information is generated from these profiles, so you will want it to be in your child’s name.

All 4 full-size studios are equipped with closed-circuit, real time cameras which allow parents to watch the entire class on our large-screen monitors from the comfort of the lobby. Parents and friends are also invited into the classroom during Parent Viewing Week to watch our latest routines. Except for during Parent Viewing Week, we ask that only our instructors and registered students are in the classrooms during class to keep distractions to a minimum.